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There are a number of factors that QMD International believes to be essential to the Company’s future growth. First and foremost, QMD benefits significantly from cooperation with its various joint venture partners in order to gain local area knowledge, business practice, and operational expertise.

QMD is able to rapidly acquire a large array of new projects from its joint venture partners. When sourcing new projects, QMD International is able to utilize its established relationship between its joint venture partners and the local authorities.

In March of 2023, QMD International acquired He Yan Company Limited, whose sole asset is 80% ownership in a data center located in Laos PDR. This property is deployed as a server farm for mining cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency server farm was constructed in 2021 and has a maximum capacity of 50 MW. It features both onsite technical support and 24/7 security. Designed as a colocation center, data center capacities are made available to end-users on various service levels.

The Company is currently exploring further acquisitions in this field.

QMD International’s developments focus on high-quality projects located at unique and strategically-placed sites. The Company believes that its commitment to choosing outstanding projects will contribute to customer satisfaction and allow it to establish an excellent reputation in the local market.

The Company enjoys the services of an experienced management team and long-serving personnel, led by its CEO, Mr. Patrick P.L. Chan, B. Comm., C.A., F.C.P.A., (H.K.)

QMD International

Company history

The Company was incorporated under the laws of the British Virgin Islands in January of 2006

In July of 2009, the Company’s name was changed to Euro Asia Premier Real Estate Company Limited.

In January of 2020, the Company’s name was changed to QMD International Holdings Company Limited.  

The Companies registered address was changed to:

Nerine Chambers, P.O. Box 905, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

The Company’s affairs are governed by the provisions of its Articles and by the applicable provisions of British Virgin Islands law.