Euro asia welcomes representatives of qi mei duo in munich

Munich, Germany, 04 December, 2019

Euro Asia Premier Real Estate Company Limited (JT9; ISIN: VGG3223A1057) is pleased to welcome 220 senior sales team members from the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong SAR to celebrate the successful completion of the Qi Mei Duo acquisition.

Qi Mei Duo is a thriving digital retail platform that provides unique B2C services by offering special promotions to its active membership base. Key to its business model is the ability to refer its member base to external retail platforms such as Tencent while keeping the actual sale in house. This way, Qi Mei Duo can garner both a sales commission as well pass on a discounted rate for its user base.

Reception at Munich Stock Exchange

More than 40 members of the board, leadership management and senior sales executives as well as selected investment banks were invited to a reception involving representatives from the Munich Stock Exchange. Euro Asia’s chairman Patrick P.L. Chan used the opportunity to present the future development strategies of the company and outlined Qi Mei Duo’s integration into Euro Asia’s corporate structure.

New Director Quan Hu to Play Key Role During Expansion

“Qi Mei Duo is a key component of Euro Asia’s business development in China,” chairman Patrick P.L. Chan says. He continues: “Quan Hu, Euro Asia’s new director, plays a key role in the future development within the company’s digital retail platform. Moreover, he will represent the company to explore complimentary avenues of acquisition, as we proceed to expand within the People’s Republic of China. This will only further enhance and accelerate Qi Mei Duo’s business model to meet its full potential within the Chinese market.”

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Euro Asia is a company BVI-registered, active in demand-driven development of real estate projects in the Shandong and Tongshan area of the People’s Republic of China. The company operates locally through its subsidiaries. By utilizing its strong local network to banks, political decision makers, land owners and other developers, the company intends to grow into real estate and digital commerce sectors.
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