Frequently Asked Questions

Who is QMD international?

Established in 2006, QMD International Holdings Company Limited (Stock Code: JT9) is a holding company listed on the Munich Stock Exchange. 

The Company operates in two core business areas, Real Estate Development and as of 2019, an Electronic Commerce platform.

As an industry leader in Real Estate Development in Tier 3 cities within the Peoples’ Republic of China, the Company considers its Real Estate business model to be well developed and mature.

To diversify its income stream, the Company has been actively developing its business blueprint in the realm of Electronic Commerce.

Looking ahead, the Company shall continue to enhance its dual business model in order to create concrete and sustainable value for the Company and its shareholders. 

What is the strategy of qmd International

QMD International is a multinational holding company with a culture that combines the entrepreneurial spirit with simple financial discipline.

Our goal is to build great companies who provide positive utility to society while delivering superior returns to our investors.

Does QMD focus on a specific sector?

We have a dual-focused approach, targeting both the real estate sector and our new Electronic Commerce platform.

Why does QMD focus its real estate portfolio on third-tier cities?

The management tries to avoid the risks naturally associated with speculative developments in boom-cities like Beijing or Shanghai. At the same time, the company wants to gain profit out of the growing demand for developed space in cities like Weifang, with its population of 8.5 million residents. QMD will consider investments in European retirement and leisure properties.

Why did QMD go public outside of China?

Being listed on the German market provides the Company exposure to a mature capital market, while at the same time, allows European investors a chance to participate in the superior yields associated with Asia. By complying to the listing rules, we create a transparent and open dialogue with the investment community that makes us attractive to non Chinese investors. 

Combined with the relatively high growth figures the Asian economy has become associated with, creates a healthy interest in companies from China, which gives us a relatively high visibility towards foreign investors. This all makes our cost of capital relatively low and allows us to pursue our corporate strategy to an extent we feel would be more difficult by being listed on a Chinese stock exchange. Furthermore, being listed in Germany gives us extra standing in our home market, which strengthens our commercial position in the Peoples’ Republic of China.